Bundy (2002) Review: Chilling Biography that Lingers

“Not every serial killer fits the profile.”

Synopsis: This docudrama follows the life of Ted Bundy, a serial killer who murdered at least 19 women before his capture and execution.
Originally titled “Ted Bundy”

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Calamity Brains:

Ted Bundy may not be a film with high production value, but what it lacks in flash, it makes up for in creepiness. Though definitely bolstered by the audience’s knowledge that the movie is based on a true story, the filmmakers managed to put together a careful, considered look at the serial killer’s life that will gnaw at you long after it’s over.

Michael Reilly Burke as Bundy is captivating. He’s working with a decent script, but he also does a great deal to capture nuances of the character. Despite what Bundy is (and is doing), the audience is encouraged to feel sorry for him. Even before his life starts completely falling apart, he’s stuck knowing that something is wrong with him, and maybe even wanting to be normal – a feeling most people can relate to.

Even if serial killer retrospectives or true crime type stories aren’t your cup of tea, this one is worth the watch. Just be prepared to mistrust everyone you meet for a long, long time.

Calamity Brains’ Rating: B-
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