Christmas Slay (2015) Review: Skip This Generic Slasher

“All you will want for Christmas is to live”

Synopsis: A group of college students on Christmas break are terrorized by an escaped murderer dressed as Santa.

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Calamity Brains:

A Christmas Slay is yet another low budget stop on the holiday horror express. It’s generic from start to finish – a bunch of college kids decide to spend the holidays in a remote cabin and are picked off one by one by a Santa-clad killer. Nothing about it is noteworthy or outside of the expected tropes; it’s utterly interchangeable with a thousand other crappy slashers.

The movie tries to make up for its lack of plot with girls walking around in their underwear (which, to be fair, usually helps)… but between the bad acting, bad camera work, and excessive makeup, any possible joy the audience could get out of the girls is limited. Being a British flick, it’s not exactly babe-heavy to begin with, either.

There’s also some attempt to make some of the murders interesting, but that generally means they become completely unbelievable. For example, the not-at-all supernatural Santa-clad killer somehow manages to jam a pencil through bone without any real effort. I’m used to having to suspend some disbelief for horror movies, but this was a lot to ask me to suspend.

In the end, A Christmas Slay is utterly forgettable. It’s not even worthwhile as a background movie – there’s nothing new to say here, and no creative wrappings to make the same old story at all interesting. Spend your Christmas with a better horror flick.

Calamity Brains’ Rating: F
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