All Through the House (2015) Drinking Game!

As a low budget gore-filled boobfest, All Through the House nails a lot of the Codex Mortis criteria for an entertaining horror movie. But since it’s not quite good, we felt it needed a little help. So get some friends, serve the drinks, break out the popcorn, and prepare to get weird.*

The All Through the House Drinking Game

Take a sip every time:
  • there are mutilated genitals
  • the story takes a WTF twist
  • hedgeclippers are a phallic metaphor
  • you see a creepy Santa mannequin (just kidding, you would die; go with the first time you see a new one!)
Take two sips when:
  • someone doesn’t scream
  • a house is a fire hazard
  • you see blood on Christmas lights
Take three sips for:
  • gingerbread artillery
  • a Christmas-themed shower
  • lipstick on a mannequin
Kill your drink!
  • stabgasm
All Through the House (2015) Poster

*Disclaimer: Codex Mortis is not responsible for you being a dumbass.

Codex Mortis

The Codex Mortis Horror Hosts (Ludwig von Stroodle and Calamity Brains) are married and live in West Virginia. Pretty much everyone who sees their cabin agrees that it would be an ideal setting for a horror movie. Their pets include a black widow spider, a smart dog, and a stupid dog. When they aren’t watching horror movies, they can be found at whiskey festivals, Renaissance fairs, and board game nights.