Bigfoot’s Wild Weekend (2012) Review: Bad Decision

Synopsis: A reporter discovers that Bigfoot is not only real, but a real party animal.Bigfoot's Wild Weekend (2012) Review Poster
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Ludwig von Stroodle:

Shut up.

I watched it because it was free on Amazon and I was curious. Bad decision. Every scene was like watching horrendously awkward porn exposition. That was somewhat expected, given that they seemed to be going for a goofy Skinemax softcore vibe, but the movie didn’t even approach softcore. There were a few topless girls and one lesbian sex scene where as soon as they start making out, one of the women starts screaming like she was being ravaged by Bigfoot. All the terrible acting and half-assed plot of bad porn, with none of the payoff.

Ludwig von Stroodle’s Rating: F

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Ludwig von Stroodle

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