Bus Party to Hell (2017) Drinking Game!

Bus Party to Hell is surprisingly fun, if you’re into ridiculous indie B-horror. At Codex Mortis, we definitely are, but we understand that not everyone is as easily amused as we are… so, like always, we suggest alcohol.*

The Bus Party to Hell (2017) Drinking Game

Take a sip every time:
  • mummies attack
  • there’s a lesbian come-on
  • the cultists make Xena noises
  • the movie gets meta
Take two sips when:
  • there’s a lesbian blood orgy
  • the cultists shoot spears at the bus
  • there’s a lizard hat
  • Tara Reid is unenthusiastic
Take three sips for:
  • “Nobody appreciates the C-word”
  • dead body cavity search
  • a motorboating decapitated head
Kill your drink!
  • “Whoops! You got me.”
Bus Party to Hell (2017) Poster

*Disclaimer: Codex Mortis is not responsible for you being a dumbass.

Codex Mortis

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