Croc (2007) Review: FF Crocs and Babes

“It’s Hunting Season and You’re the Prey”

Synopsis: A huge man-eating crocodile terrorizes people near Krabi, Thailand; meanwhile, a local tries to blame a foreign crocodile-farm owner for the crocodile’s rampage.

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Calamity Brains:

As a made-for-TV movie, Croc is has unsurprisingly low production value. The acting is shaky at best, and most of the indoor scenes are shot without the benefit of proper lighting or cameras, putting those parts of the movie on par with a high school video project. But juxtaposed with that poor quality is the frequent use of real animals and actual nature footage, providing an odd dash of realism in an otherwise laughable movie.

Though the liberal use of real animals was a refreshing change from other low-budget creature features, it didn’t always work well for the movie. The killer croc was supposed to be over 20 feet long, but most of the crocodile footage used for underwater shots involved clearly small or young animals. (There were also a great many animals involved in production who were handled directly by the actors, which made me question how properly the animals were being treated during filming.) Still, the use of nature footage as opposed to cheap animatronics or CGI was a good call for the movie – it just should have been done a little more carefully.

Another surprising plus for Croc came from its location. Set and filmed in Thailand, Croc features a number of foreigners in the main cast – but these are largely foreigners who have made their home in the country, and not travelers. It means that Thailand is treated like a normal place to live, as opposed to a cultural curiosity – quite a pleasant change of pace, considering how often movies in the genre are filled with “the mystical other.”

Croc is also fairly babe-heavy… but the positives end there. It’s essentially an average flick about killer wildlife, and though the plot is slightly more involved than usual, the acting severely hampers Croc’s ability to rise above the pack. It has some potential, and could have been decent with a stronger cast, but the magic just isn’t there. You’re probably not going to find a ton to laugh at, either; the poor acting is more painful than funny, and the special effects are kept to a minimum. Unless you’re rounding out a week of killer crocodile movies, you can safely give this one a pass.

Calamity Brains’ Rating: D+
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