Gremlins (1984) Drinking Game!

Gremlins is a Christmas classic for its awesome puppets, its adorable casting, and because who doesn’t love a Christmas tinged with horror. But we also like to drink, so! Gremlins drinking game it is.

Gremlins (1984) Drinking Game

Take a sip every time:
  • Mrs. Deagle is a jerk
  • an invention backfires
  • there’s a “yum yum”
  • Gremlins do people things
Take two sips when:
  • someone says “Merry Christmas”
  • the sword falls down
  • a Mogwai rule is broken
  • you hear the Gremlins theme
Take three sips for:
  • the opening voiceover
  • a Gremlin smoothie
  • “W-W-I-I”
  • cannonball!
Kill your drink!
  • Gizmo saves the day
Gremlins (1984) Poster

*Disclaimer: Codex Mortis is not responsible for you being a dumbass.

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