It Follows (2014) Monster Math

After watching It Follows, we had some questions. And by “some,” we mean a lot. Some we were able to find answers for; others, we figured out ourselves by doing some good old-fashioned Monster Math.

(All apologies to director David Robert Mitchell, who has said in interviews that he doesn’t like trying to logic through horror movie problems. We completely understand… but we’re also damn curious people.)

It Follows Q&A

Would wearing a condom stop the transmission?

David Robert Mitchell has said in interviews that neither a condom nor homosexual sex would prevent the curse from being passed on.

If you have sex with someone and then keep having sex with other people, and the first person dies, does the curse revert to you or does it go to the next person in line that you slept with?

The answer is probably that it reverts to you, but we haven’t found this scenario discussed anywhere.

If It sometimes takes the form of people you love and almost all of the versions Jay sees are naked, are all of Jay’s friends and family secret nudists?

For some strange reason, we haven’t found this scenario discussed anywhere either!

How the fuck did It get on the roof? Why the fuck did It get on the roof?

This is widely regarded as a goof made by filmmakers.

Can you paint It?

In the movie, the teens are able to cover It with a sheet and touch It, so the likelihood is that paint would work. However, it’s unclear whether the paint would stay on when It changed forms.

Is It allowed to stop and wait?

It’s implied in the movie that the answer is no, but we haven’t found a clear statement on this anywhere.

Monster Math: It Follows (2014)

Thought: The best way to handle the situation would be to let It get very close to you on a long, straight highway. Drive a mile and time Its approach. Then use that formula to figure out roughly how far you’d have to go to get a good night’s sleep.

This, however, leads to more questions.

Can It walk underwater? Would an island help?

We haven’t found this scenario discussed anywhere.

Could It follow you on a plane?

David Robert Mitchell has said in an interview that It could potentially board a plane in order to follow its target.

Despite the above, the best possible solution might be to give it to a stewardess. A professional pilot or steward would travel almost constantly.

However, we know It can get on a plane. But the circumstances matter.

If It did follow you on a plane, what if It couldn’t get to your specific plane? Is the monster smart enough to get on another plane and follow you, or would It not be able to tell where you’re going? At what point would It prefer to walk to you versus air travel? If It could get on a plane, could/would It also follow you onto a car or bus? Could It do so to follow you?

We haven’t found this clarified anywhere, but we definitely want to know.

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